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JBIMA Editorial April 2023

Can eye drops be used during fasting?

The role of Muslims in the Development of Phytomedicine and Pharmacy by Mohammed Ali Al-Bar

Effect of Covid-19 on Organ Donation and Transplantation in BAME (Black, Asian, Mixed races and Ethnic Minorities) Community

Reflecting on my Experience in Organising Paediatric Orthopaedic Missions for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Six days in Southern Turkey after the Earthquake – A Personal Reflection

Quantitative evidence supporting the efficacy of Islamic counselling, towards the care for a rethink in mental health provision for UK Muslims

Spirituality and Psychology: Integration of knowledge Rationale, Realities, Prospects and Challenges

Muslims Achieved the Highest Status in the Fields of Medicine, Math, Philosophy, and all Sciences. What happened?

The Ottoman Medical School of Damascus and its Effect on Teaching Medicine in Syria

Death and Gender Theories: Implications for Muslim Doctors and the Muslim Public

HPV Vaccines: Clinical assistance to sin or prevent STIs?

Sternum – A cadaveric bone of contention in heart transplant

Is there a Case for British Muslims to be Exempted from the New Opt-Out Organ Donation Law?