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Editorial JBIMA August 2021

Patient-Physician Relationships: Islamic Views

Dr Husain Nagamia Obituary

A Cry for better medical care in Al-Aqsa Mosque from a Palestinian doctor in Al-Quds (Jerusalem)

Bioethical Basis for Prioritising Critical Medical Care During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Organ Donation in Muslim Communities: Sharing Your Opinion With the Family

1001 Cures: Introduction to the History of Islamic Medicine – by Rabie E Abdel Halim

The challenges facing medical workers towards Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Time Management for Muslim Health Practitioners

The Divine wisdom behind Disease – Medical and Islamic Philosophy of Pain and Suffering

Islam and Public Health

Muslim Communities & COVID-19 : Challenges & Reflections

A Rare and Magnificent Manuscript on Ophthalmology

Concept of Healthcare: A Divine approach and a Contemporary View

Bimaristans: Services and Their Educational Role In Islamic Medical History and Their Influence on Modern Medicine and Hospitals

The Beginning of Life and Abortion