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Editorial JBIMA April 2021

COVID-19 Intra-muscular vaccinations during Ramadan: The permissibility of vaccines whilst fasting

ORGAN-ised Rejection: An Islamic Perspective on the Dead Donor Rule in the UK – Revisited

The Great Physician Historian During the Golden Islamic Medical History – Ibn Abi Usaybi’aa

Muslim Female Physicians and Healthcare Providers in Islamic History

Urinary Calculus Formation Theory and Treatments Described By Ahmed Çelebi in 15th Century Turkey

Islamophobia and Its Impact on Mental Health

The Need for Deen: Muslim Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Climate Change – Should Muslim health professionals care?

What Is a Ibadah Friendly Hospital ?

Management of Muslim Patients Undergoing Local Anaesthetic Procedures During Ramadan

The challenges of medical relief and health governance in warzones: Syria as a case study

Utilising a Knowledge, Attitude, Practice (KAP) survey to support partnership-based approaches in delivering a COVID-19 Vaccine community-engagement webinar

The Miracles of the Qur’an and Sunnah in preventative medicine and micro-organisms (by Dr Abdul Jawad Al-Sawi, Published in 2012)

Important Message to Muslims regarding COVID-19 and the 3 Principles Approach to Fake News

Now is the time for a unified medical fatwa