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Editorial JBIMA December 2020

Vaccines: Religio-cultural arguments from an Islamic perspective

“Cautery” a modality of treatment, Islamic views and contemporary practice

The contribution of Islamic culture to the Development of Medical Sciences

The Pandemic of Islamophobia

Risk Communication Messaging in the Midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the FIMA Experience

Sacrifices in the face of the pandemic: Fit testing and facial hair for Muslim healthcare professionals

A Thematic Analysis of Human Nutrition as Described in the Holy Qur’an

Ancient Remedy Revisited: Honey – a Possible Natural Cancer Vaccine

Congregational prayers in the mosques and the risk of spread of COVID-19

Tackling voluntourism: shaping a sustainable healthcare partnership overseas to improve maternal health as an integrated medical team.

1001 Cures – Contributions in Medicines & Healthcare from Muslim Civilisation

A Jurisprudential Opinion on Using a Vaccine Containing Pork Gelatine

BIMA Lifesavers: Embrace the virtual world

The Covid Pandemic – A Front Line respiratory Physician’s Perspective