Current Issue

Health Care and Ongoing Conflict

Using ACE FY1 Induction Course as an intervention to increase confidence in newly graduated doctors before starting Foundation Year 1

The Impact of Ramadan Fasting on Health

The Healthy Ramadan Campaign 2019

The Delivery of Cancer Screening Campaigns within Faith Institutions

Raising awareness about Organ Donation in the Muslim Community – a pilot project

The Role of Muslim Chaplains in Health Care

A beginner’s guide to the concept of Islamic Psychology

Experiences of female Muslim healthcare professionals wearing headscarves in theatres

‘Bare Below Elbows’ policy: a barrier to female career progression?

Caring for Muslim Patients – Book Review

An audit of whether hospital trusts are providing an alternative to ‘Bare Below Elbows’ for Muslim female healthcare professionals

A Survey – Do Trusts have Guidelines on Headscarves in Theatre in their Uniform Policies?

The significant influence and contributions of Al-Razi (Rhazes) to the establishment of Pharmacy during the middle ages

Bridging the gap – views of a Muslim physician working in Intensive Care

Bioethics of end of life medical care

Contemporary Topics in Islamic Medical Ethics

JBIMA Editorial: Volume 3 – 2019 (December)