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An emotional reflection on the early experiences of a junior doctor within the maternity ward

My leadership journey

What is a Hospital Chaplain?

Mosque Lifesavers – A Public Health Revolution

Contemporary Bioethics: An Islamic Perspective

Three British Muftis Understanding of Organ Transplantation

Personal Reflections on Humanitarian Medical Aid and Professional Development

Sociodemographic correlates associated with health-related incompletion of Ramadan fasts in Great Britain: a cross-sectional study

Career choices for Muslim women in the NHS: Hindered by Dress Code?

Contributions of Arab and Muslim Oculists to Ophthalmology.

Abortion – an Islamic perspective

Classical Muslim Scholarly Interpretations of When Pregnancy Begins?

Re-examination of the Fatawa on Organ Donation in Light of Current Medical Research

Organ Donation: ‘Redressing the Reality’

Introduction to Islamic Medical Ethics

JBIMA Editorial: Volume 2 – 2019 (August)