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JBIMA Editorial December 2022

Evolution of Islamic Medical Ethics – An Overview

Organ Transplant in Islam

When does Ensoulment occur in the Human Foetus

The Believer is a Mirror of their Brother : Prophetic Lessons to Elevate the Management of Mental Health with Reference to American and British Guidelines

Honey – The Food of Heaven; Healing in this world and the Hereafter

Inspiration from the past to embrace the potential future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Radiology: An Islamic Perspective

In person community cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) teaching using mannequins versus pillow partners – a comparative study

Understanding and addressing barriers to accessing mental health services for Muslims in the UK

A scoping review of UK-faith based organisations role in addressing Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy

Think Pink: An exploration of barriers faced by Muslim women in accessing breast cancer care and a pilot programme to address them

Awareness and uptake of the pork-free, injectable flu vaccine in the Muslim community

Challenges of bowel cancer screening uptake in ethnically diverse communities in the GL1 area of Gloucestershire

Barriers to mammography amongst Muslim Women in the UK

Original Pioneering Medical Islamic Discoveries and/or Inventions (Plagiarized by The West)

Who is in the picture? Diversity, representation, and clinical photography