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JBIMA Editorial April 2022

The need for biomedical ethics – in light of the Shariah

Adult Kidney Transplant, Organ donation, COVID-19 and living well with kidney Transplant

Why we need to understand and study medical history

‘Akhlaq-Al-Tabib’ (Physician’s manners)

Medical relief during the time of the war – The Syrian catastrophe – a case study

Is Ijarah ala al-ashkhas applicable to therapeutic services supplied by clinicians and traditional healers and what are the potential consequences if they are defective?

An overview of Health inequalities – Kidney Care for All in Support of World Kidney Day (2022)

Bone Fractures in ibn-Sina medicine

Ibn Al-Nafis – The First who described the Pulmonary Blood Circulation

Some of the achievements of Al-Zahrawi as a Biomedical Engineer

FIMA – 40 years of existence

Is the “Concept” of Brain Death Compatible with the “Reality” of Religious Death