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JBIMA Editorial Dec 2023

Contributions of Scholars of the Early Islamic Era to Obstetrics

Comparison of Sexual Health Advices in the First Turkish Bahname of Ottoman Era with Current Scientific Literatures

Future of Hijama research and Lessons from Acupuncture

Reflections on Gaza: From clinical practice to humanitarian response

The collapse of Gaza’s Health Care System

Viva Palestina Malaysia, Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia and Federation of Islamic Medical Associations in action in the Palestinian Occupied Territories

The Syrian American Medical Society: History, Action, Challenges, and Hope

The David Nott Foundation Training Surgeons in Palestine

Noor Al-UyonwaJame’ Al-Funoon (The Light of the Eyes and Collector of Arts)

The raging war on Gaza: The killing of innocents

The Health Care Situation in Gaza; a Catastrophe the World is witnessing

Gaza War – Perspective from the West Bank